Rooted In Faith

by Jeff Lowery

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released November 6, 2008


all rights reserved



Jeff Lowery Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Rooted In Faith
Rooted In Faith

Chorus 1
Rooted in faith grounded in love
Growing together in this holy space
Gathered as one
Rooted in faith grounded in love
Growing together experiencing
Grace sharing God's love

Verse 1
In this place we offer thanks
For God's Word and the forms that it takes
Thanks for the power and beauty of life
Thanks for the God who brings passion alive
Thanks for the gifts that
Are wondrous expressions of love

Verse 2
In this place we practice faith
Share our lives and the journeys we make
Supporting each other in times that are tough
Praying together when words aren't enough
Christian community
Builds up the body of Christ

Verse 3
In our world we're offered grace
As we serve with heart's ablaze
Working for justice 'til all people thrive
Connecting our worship to the rest of our lives
Led by the Spirit we boldly
Respond to God's call

CCLI Song No. 5124952
© 2008 Jeff Lowery
Words and Music Jeff Lowery
Track Name: Let There Be a Light
Let There be a Light

1. I proclaim in the name of the Lord, That we must have the courage to change
The blinders have been taken from our eyes, Lets raise our sights to the open range.
Our heartbeat may falter with fear, And we’ll cling to our outdated ways
But I say that we cannot allow, pride and fear to darken our days.
Let there be a light that will show you the way
Let there be a light let it shine here today
To blaze away the old laws and lies we believe
Let there be a light, that we may finally see. (2nd time to coda)

2. The light must be born from within.
It must burn through our dreams and desires.
Shed the skin of the people we were,
And accept this baptism of fire. (chorus)

3. We’ve been made in the image of the lord
And wield the power of God’s merciful Word.
Free our souls from the chains of the past
And we will see the light of truth at last.

Words and Music Michael Hayashida
New Arrangment 2008 Jeff Lowery
Copyright Act of Grace Music 1996 Used by permission
Track Name: Growing With God
Growing With God

Growing with God, now I hope you will know
That a seed has been planted inside it will grow
When it’s watered by God, through our veins Love will flow
By our fruit we will let people know
God helps us grow

1. Faith is like a mustard seed, planted in the ground
The power in that tiny seed can turn our lives around
If we learn to put our faith and trust in God’s tender care
We can sprout roots and grow anywhere.(chorus)

2. God is like a gardener who plants a tiny seed
She waters and takes care of it She knows its every need
The seed can sprout and grow up in the world quite unaware
That the gardener’s been watching with care. (Chorus)

3. When I grow up big and strong into a mighty tree
I realize that all my friends have helped to nurture me
I want to spread the message and help everyone to know
With God’s love we can help others grow. (Chorus)

Words and Music: Jeff Lowery
copyright 2000 Jeff Lowery
CCLI #4446686
Track Name: I Am Somebody
I Am Somebody

Chorus 1
I am somebody with something to give
God gave me life to do something with
Spreading the love of God the reason I live
Somebody with something to give
Sharing the gifts I'm blessed with

Verse 1
Society values your worth in a way
That measures the things that you own
God doesn't value the things that we have
But measures the ways that we've grown

Verse 2
Look all around you the body of Christ
Each part is valued and loved
All of us gifted in various ways
Together united as one

Verse 3
Go from this place into all of the world
And share the gifts God's given you
Working for justice and peace on the earth
And sharing God's love as you do

CCLI Song No. 4469584
© 2001 Janet Lund | Jeff Lowery |
Words and Music Janet Lund | Jeff Lowery
Track Name: Come On In
Come on In

Come on in, Clap your hands and join us
And understand the point of
Praising God in song
Come on in, leave your week behind you
Feel God’s arms around you
Open up your senses
And hear the invitation
Come on in

Come and join our family-everyone is welcome
Come and see the mystery-how God works in our lives
Feel the Spirit enter in-Love is all around us
Building up the “kin”dom
One person at a time (Chorus)

If you’ve been away from here-doesn’t really matter
God still loves and cares for you-always calls you home
And if God is new to you-come and ask some questions
God leads us on a journey
Our questions help us grow (Chorus)
Come and Join our family, everyone is welcome come on in!

Copyright 2000 Jeff Lowery
Words and Music Jeff Lowery
CCLI# 4446679
Track Name: Thank You
Thank You

Chorus 1
Thank You Lord for the treasures in my life
Thank You Lord for the people You've put here
Thank You Lord for my family and my friends
Thank You Lord for the ones I hold so dear

Verse 1
Blessed by the mountains blessed by the sea
Blessed by the peace You've put inside of me
When I stop and appreciate all that You've given
Joy rolls in like a tide and I proclaim to heaven

Verse 2
Blessed by Your love blessed by Your grace
Blessed by the joy in this holy place
When I stop and appreciate this life I'm livin'
Joy rolls in like a tide and I proclaim to heaven

Misc 1
All that we have
All we've been given
Is not really ours
We're just borrowing it from heaven

CCLI Song No. 4469591
© 2001 Jeff Lowery | Janet Lund |
Words and Music Janet Lund | Jeff Lowery
Track Name: God Is There For You
God Is There For You

Chorus 1
God is there for you
Anticipating every move
A shoulder to cry upon a hand to pull you through
God is there for you

Verse 1
Like a box of puzzle pieces on the floor
Dumped and scattered mixed up never like before
A glimpse of hope a flame within
Is pushing you to wake up reach out and begin

Verse 2
Beyond this open door which road to take
Consequence unclear so much at stake
Trust that God lights the way
Solves your indecision comforts your dismay

Verse 3
Haunted by the memories left behind
Fearful that the future will unwind
Carried through by a friend
Offering prayer and comfort hope's freed to ascend

CCLI Song No. 4469601
© 2001 Jeff Lowery | Janet Lund |
Words and Music Janet Lund | Jeff Lowery
Track Name: Prepare Us God
Prepare Us God

Verse 1
Prepare us God
Here to worship You
Help us make our hearts and minds
Present here with You

Verse 2
Prepare us God
Make Your presence known
Quiet our hearts and calm our souls
And make us feel at home

Verse 3
Prepare us God
We surrender all
Take our cares and pain away
And help us hear Your call

CCLI Song No. 5144918
© 2008 Jeff Lowery
words and music Jeff Lowery
Track Name: The Body of Christ
The Body of Christ

The gardener bends down, his hands till the earth
He sees its rich color and knows what its worth
The grain that he grows will someday become bread
And he knows what his minister means when she says

We are the body of Christ, forgiven so we can be whole
We, we are given this life, so we might be Christ for the world

The vine tender toils a long day in the sun
His joy is in sharing a meal when he’s done
He sits at a table, with his family and friends
They join hands together with a prayer he begins.

The meal that we share is the goodness of God
It blesses and strengthens our lives
The table is set and God calls us to love
love in the spirit of Christ

Copyright 2001 Jeff Lowery
words and music Jeff Lowery
CCLI # 4446693
Track Name: The Doxology
The Doxology

Chorus 1
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow
Praise God all creatures here below
Alleluia alleluia
Praise God the source of all our gifts
Praise Christ Whose power uplifts
Praise the Spirit Holy Spirit
Alleluia alleluia alleluia

CCLI Song No. 5100718
© Words: 2007 The United Methodist Publishing House | Music: 2007 Jeff Lowery (Admin. by The Copyright Company) |
Gilbert Vieira | Jeff Lowery
Track Name: Holy, Holy
Holy Holy
Chorus 1
Holy Holy Holy Lord
God of power and might
Heaven and earth are full of Your glory
Hosanna in the highest
Blessed is the One Who comes in the Name of the Lord
Hosanna in the highest
Holy Holy Holy Lord
Hosanna in the highest

CCLI Song No. 5090646
© 2007 Jeff Lowery
Music Jeff Lowery Words Public Domain
Track Name: Christ Has Died
Christ Has Died

Chorus 1
Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ has come again
Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ will come again

CCLI Song No. 5156810
© 2007 Jeff Lowery
Music Jeff Lowery Words Public domain
Track Name: Amen

Chorus 1

CCLI Song No. 5153820
© 2007 Jeff Lowery
Music Jeff Lowery Words public domain
Track Name: The Lord's Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
forgive us our debts as we forgive, we forgive our debtors.

Lead us not in to temptation, but deliver us from evil
For thine is the Kingdom and power
Thine is the Kingdom and power
Thine is the Kingdom and power and glory forever.
Amen, Amen

Words-Matthew 6: 9-13
Music-Jeff Lowery copyright 2000
CCLI# 4446662
Track Name: The Benediction
The Benediction

May the love of God be with you
May the peace of God sustain you
May the grace of God protect you
and may God guide you as you go upon your way

© copyright Chuck Keysor
Act of Grace Music
Arranged by Jeff Lowery 2008

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