Holy Interruption

by Jeff Lowery

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words and music Jeff Lowery copyright 2013


released December 20, 2013




Jeff Lowery Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Holy Interruption
Holy Interruption

Holy interruption up ahead
distractions and connections
Whizzing by as I take each breath. 
God help me notice, and not walk by
Your holy interruptions

Where did you see God today
Was it in an unexpected place
Did you make room in your life for a miracle to unfold
Did you find a way to recognize
The Holy Spirit working in your life
It's time to open up our eyes and see for ourselves

Could everything be left to chance
Is there such thing as a "God incidence"
Or could that man that you just passed by  be Jesus  in disguise?
I believe that holy opportunities 
Present themselves when there is a need                
help us God to be open everywhere we go

words and music by Jeff Lowery copyright 2013
Track Name: The Church Has Left the Building
The Church Has Left the Building

Can you feel the spirit moving, stirring in our hearts
Can you feel what God is doing and this is just the start
bigger than these walls
outside our mission calls

the church has left the building

The church is not a place you go it is a place you are
in bringing forth the realm of God we all play our part
Our future's open wide
to be the, hands and feet of Christ

We're gonna break bread with our neighbor
We're gonna live in harmony
We're gonna carry each other's burden
a new community

words and music by Jeff Lowery and Joshua Puhn
Copyright 2013 Jefflowerymusic.com
Track Name: Big Stupid Sign
Big Stupid Sign

Sign hangs over the exit door, reminds us what we came here for
And where God calls us when we leave, it says
“You’re entering your mission field, reminds us that our God is real
and that our world is full of needs.
And we’re all called to respond
To Love our neighbor, hands and feet of Christ to all
To be a blessing, to all people great and small
Reach out and welcome, even people not like me
Out the door I walk on by
I’m reminded what it says on that church exit sign
Just about 5 years ago, got a call from a guy I used to know
Wanted to share some news with me, he said,
The church we both grew up in was closing down and soon would end
Was there a momento he could save for me
And I thought about that sign all the Sunday school teachers who brought me up right
So in a comment I intended as a joke you see, I said could you get that sign for me
My friend called me back the next day
The signs sitting in my living room, hope you’ll come and get it soon
Even though your 2000 miles away
I guess I was feeling a little bad, until the friend drove the sign over to my dads
Now I guess the jokes on me
Son do you have a plan for this sign, I’d like it out, I’ll give you some time
Son, I know that you live kind of far, , if you come get the sign, I’ll give you my old car
So I drove across this great big land in my dad’s neon green mini van
Precious cargo, sign in tow
I drove the van up to my house to see my daughter and unsuspecting spouse
Pulled the van up to unload
Where’d you get that big stupid sign, hang it where, not in mine
Don’t focus so much about the size of the sign, cmon honey it will be fine
The words on the sign, help to remind us
I guess its not plan to see why that old sign means so much to me
I’ll try to put it this way
In the days that my faith was formed in me, I looked to the saints of the church to see
How to live a faithful way
But at some point back in time, the saints started walking past the sign
The neighbors changed and over time
Worried about only people on the inside
The sign became for me, a lasting legacy
A reminder that we’re called to something more
We hadn’t decided where to hang the sign and marriage is all about compromise
We hung the sign in the garage
So whenever I take the garbage out or hop in my car to drive about
I’m reminded of those words
As I go out into the world
I am entering the mission field
And God calls, me and us to respond

words and music by Jeff Lowery
copyright 2013 www.jefflowerymusic.com
Track Name: Wesley Quadrilateral
Wesley Quadrilateral

Old john Wesley a methodical guy
An Anglican priest whose faith was revived
Studied the scriptures he knew there was more
And so to the Bible he added 3 that's 4
He came up with an idea that was really quite radical
Albert Outler called it, The Wesley Quadrilateral

Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience, Quadrilateral 

verse 2

Wesley knew that scripture was divinely inspired
The first authority of what has transpired
traditions passed down for generations to know
Strengthened over 2000 years or so
An unbroken chain that takes no sabbatical That's why we're still using 

Verse 3

Reason is important God gave us our minds
To work with the Holy Spirit - don't leave them behind
Personal experience seemed crazy to some
But then Wesley's heart was strangely warmed bum bum
God's work in our lives is really fantastical Now you know how to do it

Words and Music Jeff Lowery and Joshua Puhn 2012
copyright www.jefflowerymusic.com
Track Name: WWJB? (Where Would Jesus Be?)
Where Would Jesus Be?

Where would Jesus Be and how is Jesus calling me, to change my life
He is asking us, to take a leap of faith and trust
come follow me, where would Jesus be?

Would he be at church on Sunday, would he greet you at the door
Would he be behind the pulpit, singing in the choir
turning over tables of setting them up in the fellowship hall
Are you asking, where would Jesus be

Would he be at work on Monday, repairing neighbors homes
or seeking out the stranger, attending to their wounds
Gathering people’s signatures or signing bills into law
Are you asking where would Jesus be?

If fact Jesus could be in any of those places
and none of us can claim to have Only Jesus in our spaces
we need to look and see, where else Jesus would be
and we’ll find, thats where God is calling, God is calling
God is calling us to be.

Words and music by Jeff Lowery and Joshua Puhn. Copyright 2012 www.jefflowerymusic.com
Track Name: Worthy

Man and woman had a baby,
decided Grace was the perfect name
oh how that couple loved their baby,
their lives would never be the same
but things turned out to more complicated,
than Grace’s mom and dad had planned
up until the night her mom left them,
life felt just like sinking sand
Her dad would pray for comfort in those stormy times
he’d snuggle with his daughter and
rock her in his arms and see her smile
and then he’d sing
You are worthy of love, you are worthy of life
You’re God’s child, know this truth,
nothing can separate us
from the love of God

Grace grew up to be a little spitfire,
trouble seemed to be her middle name
Some said they’d never seen so much anger
pent up in a little girl her age
on the playground Grace would lash out at her friends
and when She would get in trouble
her teacher’d take her by the hand and calm her down
and then she’d say

For awhile life came together in her teenage years
When she found a girl named faith who became her friend
Faith knew how to listen she seemed to care for everyone
and one night in a conversation,
Faith could sense Grace hurting,
asked her what was wrong, said, do you know God loves you?
And this is what Grace said;

I hate myself for all the things I have done
there’s no way that God could love me if God knew just even one. Sometimes I’m so angry I just cry in the night.
I can’t let go. I can’t let go.
Grace, I know that Sometimes if feels like God isn’t real.
But the hurts in your life are so big
only God can heal them.
Know that God can handle your burdens and still love you so.
Please Grace know, Please Grace know.

Wouldn’t it be great if life were that simple
just hear some words and change your ways
but at that time Grace wasn’t ready
she lived through more self destructive days

Grace and Faith their friendship drifted
Exchanging emails now and then
Grace keeps trying to make headway
And so Faith prays this for her friend
She hopes that someday Grace can look back at her life
Can remember those that love her
and look in to the mirror and claim the truth
as she says

words and music Jeff Lowery @copyright 2012 www.jefflowerymusic.com
Track Name: Pretty Grin
Pretty Grin

No matter what situation we get ourselves in
We’ll go ahead and show off our pretty grin
Cause we know God is with us
God’s with me and with you
No matter what mess we’ve made
Our God xxxxxx, will help us through

1. When you leave your keys, in the car you drive
and you lock the door, on the drivers side
and you see your date, shivering with fright
she’s gotta be home before midnight.

2. When your homework skills, have a checkered past
and due to threats, you’ve dug in at last
when you wake for school, you’re filled with fright
your dog chowed down your test last night.

3. When you forget the words, to the song you wrote
Na Na Na Na Na
Just push on through, to the very last note
Na Na na

4. When you score a goal, for the other team
when the socks you wear, are 2 shades of green
if you’re late for school, on a bad hair day
God walks with you anyway.

©copyright 2001 Mac Likes it music
words and lyrics Jeff Lowery and Janet Lund
Track Name: Let's Go! (Show the World)
Let's Go! (Show the World)


They say faith is strengthened in our knowing
And a seed’s perfected in its Growing
Do you feel God's presence overflowing
C'mon Let's go- go show the world

verse 1

You have to know what you believe to truly live it
With a faith inside your heart not on a page
Deepening our faith in God through honest questions
Help us know

verse 2

Our lives can be a garden full of bounty
If we take care of our soil and pull the weeds
Tended with our prayers and watered with our voices
We will grow

verse 3

a light beneath a bowl is good for nothin'
And God calls us to reach out beyond our selves
Living every day to do what God has asked us
Lets Go show

words and music by Jeff Lowery and Joshua Puhn 2013. Crater Lake District Youth Event. Youth N Fusion
Track Name: Church to Me
Church to Me

I don’t go to church on Sunday
There might be wisdom in those walls
Long ago I got fed up with the institution
I couldn’t relate at all

When I go to work on Monday
I close my eyes and I pray
I pray God uses me to be an inspiration
To those I’m worshipping with today

A concrete sanctuary
Bus stop pews on the city streets
A throw away congregation
That’s church to me

Some folks have this crazy idea
Poor people take, but have nothing to give
I know first hand its not true
I’ve been blessed for 14 years in millions of conversations
With folks who on the outside look rough but deep down are just like me and you

I’ve had a streetwise education
A confirmation class unlike what I’ve ever seen
I came here offering salvation
And through these beautiful people
God made a change in me

Words and music by Jeff Lowery ©copyright 2003.
Track Name: Mercy and Justice
Mercy and Justice

Mercy without justice, is like keys without a car,
jam without a jar, near without a far
leather pants for a rock and roll star.  
Mercy without justice
Mercy and justice go hand in hand

I was walking along with a friend of mine
when we saw a man holding a cardboard sign
it said anything will help have mercy on me
gave him some change gave him some cash
went on my way and I didn't look back
I felt good! Helping my fellow man

I imagined the man using money to buy
a cheesesteak sandwich and curly fries
and eating til his belly's full, problem solved
And I'm sure the man's there thinking bout me
Grateful for my christian charity
and just then my friend said, "Jack do you think that's all?"

Well I was really confused cause my name's not Jack
my compassionate deed was under attack
and I was like “what else was I supposed to do?”
Just out of the blue he really got my attention
What did I miss, what wasn’t mentioned
and so I said, “tell me what you mean”

He said, “Mercy requires no one sleeps on the street
shivers in the cold or doesn’t get to eat
to love our neighbors right here right now

Justice demands that we ask the question why?
that we work to change systems that perpetuate the lie
to make our future fair as God intends

An epiphany hit me like a fish across the face
this is what it means to live and breathe my faith
changing my ways from that day on

Get my hands dirty, way more involved
making new connections for the good of us all
mercy and justice go hand in hand

words and music Jeff Lowery and Joshua Puhn copyright 2012
Track Name: Image of God
The Image of God

Everyday I wake up, and look in the mirror
I don’t always like who I see
Words so unkind, are stuck in my mind
It gets really hard to believe
That long ago, and far away, God had a plan
Creating this beautiful world
Then in good time, God made humankind
A treasure of infinite worth

Made in the Image of God
Made in the Image of God
Each one of us, God truly loves
Doesn’t it leave you in Awe?
To be made in the image of God

On the days I find myself, lost and confused
Struggling for meaning in life
Hoping to find, some peace of mind
Trying to measure my worth
I bow to pray, and long to know, Just who I am
God answers my heartfelt plea
“Child you are mine, wholeness you’ll find
Forgiven you now are set free.”

Everyday I wake up, and look in your Word
Amazed by your great love for me
In giving my time, purpose I’ll find
Serving God’s people in need
When I go outside myself, and answer your call
Your presence in others I see
Finding my place, receiving your Grace
In serving I now can believe

©2002 Mac Likes it Music! words and music Jeff Lowery and Janet Lund

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