Building a Dream

by Jeff Lowery

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released November 14, 2019

All instruments and vocals by Jeff Lowery except.
Joshua Puhn-keyboards and backing vocals on Love's Rule
Paige Lowery-backing vocals on Trapped in a Box

Produced and Mixed by Jeff Lowery except
Jordan Erickson-mixed You Belong and Holy Fire




Jeff Lowery Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Prepare the Way
Prepare the Way

Prepare the way of the Lord
Prepare the way of the Lord
Prepare the way of the Lord
Prepare the way of the Lord

Fear leads us in to the darkness
of thinking that nothing can change
but God leads us out to a bright new acceptance of hope

Conflict has taught us to question
if people can ever be free
but God breaks the shackles and brings us together in peace

Weeping we mourn for our losses
and sometimes we sink to despair
but God lifts our spirits in grateful expressions of joy

Hatred has kept our world broken
we act as if we weren't the same
but God warms our hearts so we hold one another in love
Track Name: Love's Rule
Love’s Rule

verse 1
Where no one walks alone, where hatred has no home
where compassion leads the way, we long to see that day

we want, systems to change
we want, vision made clear
we want, spirit to move
we need Love’s rule

verse 2
where there is enough for all, no doors no gates no walls
where peace and justice reign, we long to see that day

love’s rule is at our doorstep
love’s rule is how we get there
it turns us upside down
Track Name: You Belong
You Belong

Blue eyes, a perfect little baby at her first cry
embarking on a new adventure
so many things that you should know
child you’ll never be alone

You belong, enfolded in the loving arms of God
You belong, claimed by grace to be God’s chosen child
hear these words beloved one, I hope you know that you belong

Sunday, your loved ones and the faithful gather
and we pray, and promises that we make together
a ribbon weaves between us all
a story that we will tell as you grow old

Each day as you become who God created
each way you navigate the peaks and valleys
the world will try to take control
You’ll claim God’s promise on your own
Track Name: Holy Fire
Holy Fire

Fire burn, blaze a path that I can see
Fire burn, spark our passion fearlessly
Fire burn ignite a flame the world can see
Holy Fire, burn in me, God's desire, set us free

verse 1
we long to follow with our hearts and our minds
but only the Spirit makes us disciples
We seek to be loved and led in your way
We feel your presence in each part of our lives
now we want to catch fire more fully inspired
the heat of your spirit will burst into flames

verse 2
From the top of the mountain to the valleys below
the torch that we carry is ever more heavy
the glow of your light flickers and dims
We respond to your call as we're fueled by your fire
what can contain us your love to sustain us
spirit spread your fire wild like the wind
Track Name: Let Your Light Shine
Let Your light shine shine shine
Let your light shine shine shine
Go into the world, raise your candle high
let your light shine

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine x3
let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
Track Name: Drive

Driving down the road is an easy thing to do
just jump in turn it on and let it go
It gets a little harder when a fork comes in the road
to the left or to the right how do I know

Many road are detours and others are dead ends
get the map out of the glovebox once again

God is always with you, no matter where you go
God is always with you, no matter where you go

Sometimes when I'm driving like Sunday afternoon
Don't mind seeing where the Spirit blows
Other times its five o'clock in a traffic jam
longing for that country peace again

when I need direction I look to God again
and it doesn't really matter where I am

Searching for a home
you make my destination known
The road from here to there
is dangerous and I am scared
I want to run and hide
God will be my guide
Track Name: Trapped in a Box
Trapped in a Box

All my life people tried to box me in
Making rules instead of changing lives
The more I learn about the simple love of God
The more I learned to open up my eyes

I’m living large now-opened my life
I’m living large now-time to realize
I’m living large now-no need to run and hide
I’m living large now.

When I looked upon myself, I felt real small
Blaming others for what was wrong with me
Then I realized that it was, time to grow up
I had to take responsibility

Are you feeling trapped in a box?
I’m feeling trapped in a box
Gotta Get out, Gotta get out!
Track Name: God's A Suprise
God's A Surprise

God's a surprise
Don't close your eyes
You never know the place or time
That God can change your life

verse 1
Sometimes its easy to ignore them
The signs and wonders all around
If we're in tune to the world around us
Miracles abound

verse 2
God calls us to be ever watchful
For 'kin'dom signs breaking through
Be prepared its just around the corner
God's surprising truth
Track Name: The Body of Christ
The Body of Christ

The gardener bends down, his hands till the earth
He sees its rich color and knows what its worth
The grain that he grows will someday become bread
And he knows what his minister means when she says

We are the body of Christ, forgiven so we can be whole
We, we are given this life, called forth and sent to the world

The vine tender toils a long day in the sun
His joy is in sharing a meal when he’s done
He sits at a table, with his family and friends
They join hands together with a prayer he begins.

The faithful have come, the table is set
a meals been prepared, the elements blessed
The banquet is open my the mystery reveal
that we find our wholeness in the grace that can heal
Track Name: Building A Dream
Building A Dream

When you're building a dream
you hold out your hands
embrace all that's good
lay aside plans
When you're building a dream
take a small step
into what's next
Track Name: I See You
I See You

I see you, I see you, I see you, as a child of God
I see you, I see you, I see you, I see you the way that God sees you

Verse 1
I see you through the eyes of grace
In this sacred place
We have been embraced
By the fullness of our God
I see you through compassion's voice
To see the pain we must make a choice
To change the world not look away

verse 2
I see you through united hands
That can set things right the way God demands
Heaven's justice here on earth
I see you with a joy filled heart
We will spread God's love this is where it starts
Whole and sent out to the world

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